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Door | Fire door RIVA ADS 65.NI FR 30

Fire door

DIN-tested single-leaf and double-leaf fire doors. 

Fire doors are so-called fire protection closures. The requirements imposed on fire doors are stipulated in DIN 4102-5 (Germany) or ÖNORM B 3850 (Austria). Fire resistance classes: EI 30, EI 60, EI 90, EI 120, and EI 180. The number following the T specifies the duration in minutes, in other words how long the fire protection closure prevents passage of the fire (not of the smoke) and must still be capable of being opened.

For fire doors there is a distinction between retardant (EI 30), highly fire-retardant (EI 60), and fire-resistant fire protection closures (EI 90). These in turn are categorized as single-leaf doors, e.g. (EI 90-1), and double-leaf doors, e.g. (EI 90-2). Fire doors maintain their high level of multi-functionality as break-in inhibitors with excellent sound reduction and anti-panic function.

The fire doors can be combined with system components for access control and as an EI 30 insert element can be integrated in the EI 30 and G 30 fire-resistant facade.

  • Suitable for use as fire door on room and building closures
  • Multi-functionality, fire and smoke protection, break-in resistance, sound reduction, anti-panic functions
  • Use of system components for access control
  • Integration as EI 30 insert element in EI 30 / G 30 fire-resistant facades
  • Right-hand traffic door for fire and smoke protection as new opening type
  • Use of frameless vertical silicone joints

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