Bulletproof facades from BENEDICT + RIVA

Our bulletproof facades

Bulletproof facades, which are designed with an increased requirement for resistance classes, fulfill a special protective function.

Security is a fundamental human need. Security drives us forward, allows us to fully develop our creativity and feel comfortable in our surroundings. This applies to both the private and public areas in which we move every day. BENEDICT + RIVA designs, produces and installs customer-specific and project-related impact-resistant, breakthrough-resistant, bullet-resistant and blast-resistant facades worldwide. In accordance with the European standard EN 1063, the test procedure for bullet-resistant glazing is differentiated into nine bullet resistance classes, with BR1, BR2, BR3 and BR4 forming the lower bullet resistance classes and BR5, BR6 and BR7 the upper bullet resistance classes. The lower bullet classes cover protection against fire from sporting rifles, pistols or revolvers. The upper bullet resistance classes protect against fire from long guns with a test distance of 10 meters, and protection against hunting weapons is also covered with resistance class FSG and SG2 glass in accordance with the European standard. Characterized by the highest classification in bullet resistance, they can be used in property and (above all) personal protection, such as banks, government buildings, police and control stations. With our tested bullet-resistant windows with burglar resistance up to RC 3, we guarantee you a fulfilled need for security and the highest quality standard. In our product finder you will find various products that can be used optimally depending on your requirements. For example, we offer glass in thicknesses from 4 - 86 mm to meet all requirements.

Our bulletproof facades at a glance

Beschusshemmende Fassade RIVA FWS 50


Bullet-resistant facade RIVA FWS 50

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Beschusshemmende Fassade RIVA FWS 50.SI Green


Bullet-resistant facade RIVA FWS 50.SI Green

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Beschusshemmende Fenster RIVA AWS 90 BR


Bullet-resistant window RIVA AWS 90 BR

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Features of our bulletproof facades

  • Aluminum mullion-transom facade offers a wide range of options
  • Elegant and visually unobtrusive integration into the facade appearance
  • Fall protection is ensured by uninterrupted profile runs and a constant profile face width
  • Highest security standard made from renewable materials
  • The insulator technology meets the latest standards
  • Our facade systems offer great variability and creative design options that are also highly thermally insulated
  • Can be combined with RIVA sliding, door and window systems



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