Panoramic Glazing from BENEDICT + RIVA

Our Panoramic Glazing

The panoramic facade can be described as modern and elegant and can provide an eye-catching feature for your building project.

There are no limits to creativity with panoramic facades; floor-to-ceiling glass constructions in extravagant shapes and sizes can be realized with this type of facade. BENEDICT + RIVA guarantees you frameless transparency with the greatest possible thermal insulation glazing as well as a high level of operating and security convenience. Our comprehensive seamless integration concept allows the interaction of different RIVA Panorama systems for the entire building facade, with optimum thermal insulation and an excellent view to the outside. High demands and a unique design can thus be met, allowing your building project to stand out from the crowd. In the product finder, BENEDICT + RIVA offers you a wide range of products for a panoramic facade to meet your individual requirements.

Our Panoramic Glazing
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Panoramafassade RIVA FWS 35 PD.HI

Panoramic glazing

Panorama facade RIVA FWS 35 PD.HI

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Panoramafassade RIVA FWS 35 PD.SI

Panoramic glazing

Panorama facade RIVA FWS 35 PD.SI

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Panoramafassade RIVA Seamless

Panoramic glazing

Panorama facade RIVA Seamless

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Features of our panoramic glazing

  • Architecture that is flooded with light thanks to our verified system-integrated solutions
  • Combination of different RIVA Panorama systems thanks to our seamless integration concept
  • Maximum transparency of all-glass ceilings thanks to vertical mullion profiles
  • Outstanding ceiling shell appearance and optimum transparency
  • Verified solutions for burglar resistance
  • Integration of sliding elements with large sashes



We are experts in the planning, production, and installation of complex facades.



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