Point fixed facades from Benedict + Riva

Our point fixed facades

A facade that floats and is as light as a feather - this wish can be realized at the highest level with the BENEDICT + RIVA point fixed facade.

Our INPOINT glazing system describes a point fixed glazing system that was developed especially for vertical facades and impresses with its symbiosis of high-quality stainless steel and glass. The visual impression of frameless glazing comes very close to the visions of architects and planners of creating a seemingly floating supporting structure that is detached from the glass surface. The Structural Point Facade allows for large areas of glazing that look like a single transparent surface and the Structural Point Facade opens up a wide, completely uninterrupted panoramic view. Thanks to the special undercut technology with corresponding holes drilled in the glass, the anchors are invisible from the outside and fix the glass elements to the supporting structure. There are no restrictions when using a statically necessary supporting structure. The installation of insulating glass can be implemented perfectly with our stainless steel point fixings. The supporting structure consists of a back-tensioned supporting structure and cable ties as well as special structures from civil engineering, which can always be planned, statically calculated, manufactured and installed worldwide by BENEDICT + RIVA. Let yourself be impressed by a glazing system that impresses with a targeted separation or connection of physical areas and defies with lightness.

Features of our
point fixed facades

  • Transparent stiffening elements with slim cross-sections
  • Realization of large-scale glazing possible
  • INPOINT enables a wide and uninterrupted panoramic view
  • Use of fully thermally toughened glass, which offers particularly high resistance to impact, shock, bending and thermal loads
  • Elegant look thanks to the combination of stainless steel and glass



We are experts in the planning, production, and installation of complex facades.



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