Ventilated curtain walls

Our ventilated
curtain walls

BENEDICT + RIVA is committed to a sustainable and technically sophisticated range and is very much in tune with the spirit of the times. This is why we offer ventilated curtain walls, which impress with their quality features such as cost-effectiveness, technology, design freedom and protection options.

The cladding of a ventilated curtain wall is mounted on a substructure and not directly on the masonry, which is why the insulation and cladding are separated from each other. There is a layer of air between the insulated building and the outer building envelope, which provides a permanent layer of air allowing rear ventilation that keeps moisture and heat away from the insulated load-bearing structure and enables a regulated moisture balance in the home. This has the advantage that the thermal insulation remains dry and thus retains its functionality for a long time and mold growth can be permanently prevented. The construction also creates a pleasant indoor climate, as the energy and heat balance of the interior is automatically regulated. At the same time, this facade is ideal for energy-saving insulation measures. Ventilated curtain walls are very robust and easy to maintain and can be dismantled, recycled and become part of the circular economy.

Features of our
ventilated curtain walls

  • Sustainable insulation with mineral wool insulation materials
  • Flawless linking of connections such as wall brackets to the substructure
  • Automatic regulation of the energy and heat balance ensures a pleasant indoor climate
  • Robust and long-lasting durability of the facade
  • Optimum insulation with material thicknesses of 120-240 mm
  • Possibility of sustainable dismantling and recycling



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