Panoramic Glazing

Our Panoramic Glazing

BENEDICT + RIVA developed its panoramic glazing product group in response to the wishes of planners, architects and their customers for ever larger and more ambitious floor-to-ceiling window designs.

Maximum transparency combined with thermally insulated glass and a high level of operating comfort and safety are standard features of panoramic glazing from BENEDICT + RIVA. Enjoy those precious rays of sunlight on a cold winter’s day in comfort with possible thermal insulation values from Uw = 0.84 W/(m²K). Concealed horizontal rails ensure a sleek look. An optional drive system allows you to control your panoramic windows comfortably and silently using your iPad or iPhone.

Panoramic Glazing
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Panoramafassade RIVA FWS 35 PD

Panoramic glazing

Panorama facade RIVA FWS 35 PD

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Panoramafassade RIVA FWS 35 PD.HI

Panoramic glazing

Panorama facade RIVA FWS 35 PD.HI

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Panoramafassade RIVA Seamless

Panoramic glazing

Panorama facade RIVA Seamless

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Features of our Panoramic Glazing

  • Uniform gasket system for the entire mullion-transom facade based on gasket heights of 9 mm, 11 mm and 13 mm on the inside and 5 mm on the outside
  • Prefabricated pressure plate, including gasket and insulating foam
  • Economical fabrication of the mullion-transom facade with minimal preparation
  • Patented mullion-transom facade for safe glass installation and fastening the pressure plate profile
  • New type of glazing rebate reduction profiles within the mullion-transom facade
  • New type of connection to ventilated curtain walls with simple clip-on technology
  • Optimised seal for a secure and clean intersection between a mullion-transom facade and an adjoining ventilated curtain wall
  • Innovative system for continuous attachment to the building structure: reliable ventilation and drainage of the mullion-transom facade where it is attached to the building structure
  • Very efficient installation of the mullion-transom facade possible

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