Sunscreen Systems

Our Sunscreen Systems

Solar shading systems from BENEDICT + RIVA are external louvre systems, which track the sun across the sky. They are designed to create a balanced and pleasant indoor climate.

BENEDICT + RIVA offers not only traditional vertical and horizontal external solar shading systems but also external solar shading systems, which can be tailored to match the shape of the building as free architectural forms. External solar shading systems from BENEDICT + RIVA can be supplied in both passive and active designs. BENEDICT + RIVA offers owners and architects a wide selection of louvre blades for complete solar shading solutions. BENEDICT + RIVA solar shading systems can be divided into two product groups: glass louvre blade systems and metal louvre blade systems.

Sunscreen Systems
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Innenliegender Sonnenschutz RIVA Integralmaster 50

Sunscreen systems

RIVA Integralmaster 50

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Innenliegender Sonnenschutz RIVA Integralmaster 60

Sunscreen systems

RIVA Integralmaster 60

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C- und Z-Lamellen RIVA ALB C-/Z-Lamelle

Sunscreen systems

C- and Z-blades RIVA ALB

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Glass Louvre Blades

  • Horizontal and vertical alignment possible
  • Flexible solar shading solution through different louvre blade widths, types and materials
  • Outstanding product quality and reliability
  • High level of prefabrication
  • System-compatible attachment to window and facade structures
  • Highly effective shading at all times of the day and year
  • Solar shading, unaffected by the wind
  • Customised forms and designs in a variety of finishes

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