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Door | Passive house door RIVA AD UP 90.SI

Passive house door

High insulated door system on the passive house level

The high-insulated RIVA AD UP 90.SI door system sets new energy-efficiency standards for aluminum doors and is optimally supplemented by the passive house certified RIVA AWS 90.SI window. Based on the inward opening, high-insulated RIVA AD UP 90.SI door system in the basic overall depth of 90 mm, an additional level of insulation enables optimized thermal insulation on the passive house level. Thus thermally insulated aluminum doors from BENEDICT + RIVA set a new standard for house doors. In this regard, BENEDICT + RIVA most definitely does not neglect the timeless design and most rigorous sound reduction requirements and combines a comfortable living and room climate with efficient insulation technology – naturally also with an EPDM and aluminum combination threshold.

  • For buildings with the most rigorous energy management requirements and passive houses
  • Aluminum door system from Ud≤ 0.80 W/(m²K), in accordance with the passive house standard
  • Outstanding harmony with RIVA AWS 90.SI window system
  • Use in high energy-efficiency, upscale residential construction
  • Comfortable room climate and work climate and architectural design are ideally combined
  • Timeless aesthetic design- Sound reduction, thermal protection, and design are compatible requirements
  • Door thresholds as barrier-free EPDM and aluminum combination thresholds

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