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New Year, New Us!

Quadratisches Bild mit weissem BENEDICT + RIVA Logo auf schwarzem Hintergrund


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GIP Glazing becomes BENEDICT + RIVA

The year 2020 has presented all of us with unique challenges in many respects. We have made strategic adjustments to enable us to be there for you with more vigor. The most noticeable change is our new brand identity: GIP-Glazing is now BENEDICT + RIVA. Let us explain what's new.

Why the change?

This change of name and appearance represents an important step in the development of our company. We took time in this year of change to redefine who we are, clarify our goals, and refine our vision and values. Over several months, we have been working on a new identity that better reflects these values and our ambitions.

 This rebranding is part of our overall strategy for growth and transformation into an international facade construction company, offering interdisciplinary services that meet international quality and safety standards while at the same time surpassing our customers' expectations.

Who are we? 

We strive to be an international leader in the design, planning, manufacturing, and installation of facades. Our mission is to use creativity and know-how to create innovative solutions that realize our customers' vision, contributing to a unique and sustainable architectural landscape. 

We support building owners, investors, architects, and construction companies in the design, planning, manufacture, and worldwide assembly of all of the construction elements that make up a facade.

Timeless, dynamic, and bold

This new identity reflects the core values of our brand: Quality, collaboration, passion, innovation, longevity. Color palettes used in designs are predominantly monochrome, aiming at timelessness. Dynamic orange has been used sparingly as an accent color.

This strong color contrast reflects our approach to work: energetic, passionate, and innovative. Our choice of the GT America font was inspired by the European Grotesk genre, with an American Gothic twist. The result is bold, contemporary, and highly legible.

Finally, the "+" symbol in our logo reflects the collaborative approach we take in our projects, as well as the technical aspect that is at the heart of our work.

In this age of "digital first," it was crucial to equip ourselves with a modern identity to reflect our promise of uncompromising quality while remaining flexible for the various communication channels of the 21st century. Our visual identity is therefore modular and adaptable to the whole range of online and offline contact points.

New name, new visual identity, anything else?

Our new visual identity and the company's new name, BENEDICT+ RIVA, also reflect changes that have occurred within the company. The name GIP Glazing recedes into the background. Mr Sippel resigned as Managing Director on 4th December 2020 and has left the company as an active member. We would like to thank Mr Sippel for his work and wish him the best of luck for the future.

It has been a long journey, but we have finally made it to the finish line. We are very pleased to present our brand new look.

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