Next stop: Potsdam

Karte von Potsdam


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From Leipzig to Potsdam

Around 130 kilometers from Leipzig, the BENEDICT + RIVA team has started work on a new project. In Potsdam, we are being asked to support the redesign of an existing car dealership with our expertise in the areas of facade and structural design as well as statics. Furthermore, we are developing design proposals and draft plans for the outdoor facilities.

Building innovations

In addition to doors and a gate system, the building will receive structural glazing sectional doors and a vestibule with two automatic door systems. Since the dealership has an old skylight, we are also replace it. Currently, the installed skylight is characterized by defects and does not comply with the energy saving regulations or fire safety regulations. So it is high time to adapt the skylight to modern requirements. In order to provide an air-conditioned interior, the existing gable roof will become a monopitch roof with an external shading function. This serves to retain the radiant energy from the sun, which automatically reduces the amount of heat entering the interior.

Skylight details

The use of our products RIVA FWS 50 S and RIVA FWS 50 S.Si make the skylight efficient and sustainable, as they are recyclable and impress with their Uf-value frames 0.7-1.5 W/(m²-K), achieving a quasi passive house standard. In view of the fire safety regulations, we resort to the installation of the RIVA AWS 57 RO skylight, which guarantees not only proper smoke extraction, but also a supply of fresh air. With a size of 12500 mm x 4050 mm and a ridge of 1000 mm, the skylight lets the interior shine with natural light and is an eye-catcher at the same time.

There are still some steps to be taken before the skylight can be completed. However we are already looking forward to when the car dealership can truly shine in the new light with the new skylight.

Vorbereitung für das Lichtdach

Preparation for the skylight

Lichtdach am Krahn Potsdam

Skylight on the crane

Drei Arbeiter auf einem Dach mit schwebenden Lichtdach

The skylight lifted onto the roof

Zwei Arbeiter montieren das Lichtdach

Mounting the skylight

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Next stop: Potsdam

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