Custom prefabrication of precision-fit components combined with conscientious delivery and excellent logistics planning: Our teams are already planning efficient installation during the production of glass facades and facades to ensure no time is lost. Our products are then installed either by ourselves or under our supervision. We install our glass facades, doors, windows, panoramic glazing, skylights, and sunshades ourselves. Our qualified specialists, supervisors, and engineers follow optimized installation procedures. Rolling quality checks (plus a final thorough check upon completion) guarantee perfection.

We also oversee installations. We work within existing construction plans to create detailed installation plans. Furthermore, we offer expert guidance and monitor outcomes throughout the installation process until the end of the construction project.

Entladen und Montage einer riesengroßen Panoramaverglasung in Birchwil

Our partner SCHADE Logistic GmbH delivering a 9500mm x 3000mm panoramic glass pane. Panoramic glass panes from BENEDICT + RIVA are exclusively delivered to anywhere in Europe by SCHADE Logistic GmbH in so-called inloaders designed to transport glass.

Die Übergrosse Panoramaverglasung wird mithilfe des orangen Glassaugers und des Krans in den grauen Himmel aufgehoben.

Lifting a 9500mm x 3000mm panoramic glass pane using a vacuum glass lifter and a counterweight balancer.

Hände von Mitarbeiter halten einen Holzmeter, um die Übergrosse Panoramaverglasung zu messen

Exact placement of the vacuum glass lifter on an insulating glass pane using a pneumatic positioning system.

Eine Gruppe von Mitarbeiter halten die übergrosse Festverglasung mithilfe des Glassaugers, um sie einzusetzen.

Installation of a 9500mm x 3000mm panoramic glass pane requires coordination between the crane operator and our installation experts.

Die Übergrosse Panoramaverglasung wird mithilfe des orangen Glassaugers und ein Mitarbeiter ein

Exact placement of a 9500mm x 3000mm panoramic glass pane in the construction frame using a vacuum glass lifter with a pneumatic postioning system.

We are experts in the planning, production, and installation of complex facades.



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