After completion of your construction project, we remain at your disposal for all of your building envelope needs. Automatic doors, smoke protection doors, fire doors, fire-resistant windows, and arrest systems must undergo routine checks by certified personnel after installation. With tailor-made maintenance and service concepts, we can help retain the promised quality of our products well beyond their warranty period. Moreover, we at BENEDICT + RIVA are committed to offering assistance as soon as possible in the case of damage to products or individual components.

elektrische Sicherheitseinrichtungen an einem Sektionaltor

Activation of electronic safety systems for sectional doors.

Sektionaltor im Showroom eines Autohauses

Inspection of guide rails and spring shafts of a sectional door.

Animation vom Sektionaltor im Mercedes Showroom mit Lounge-Bereich

A sectional door designed using structural glazing being tested for functionality in accordance with German standard DIN EN 13241 1.

Animation von automatischer Innentüren im Autohaus STERN Auto in Leipzig

Functionality test and inspection of safety installations at pinch and shear points on an automatic folding door.

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