Our logistics excel in providing individual solutions for the safe transport and timely delivery of our products to where they need to be. Detailed logistical planning and seamless monitoring ensure global transparency and overview. Changes to plans can be implemented immediately. As a result, we keep our processes running smoothly, including packaging and shipping.
Take, for example, a 12-meter insulated pane of glass: The key to transporting oversized components such as these lies in our sophisticated handling and vehicle technology, managed by personnel with knowledge of the product and computerized route optimization.

Packaging for export is always produced and assembled in consideration of the transport route, whether it be by road, sea, or air.

Zwei Mitarbeiter der Logistik bauen die Transportverpackungen für den Export

Careful arrangement of prefabricated windows inside the transport container.

Aneinanderreihung und spezielle Sicherung vorgefertigter Fenster innerhalb der Transportbox durch Mitarbeiter der Logistik

All prefabricated windows, doors, and facades from BENEDICT + RIVA include special anchor points for loading and unloading.

spezielle Anschlagpunkte für das Beladen und Entladen von vorgefertigten Fenstern, Türen und Fassaden

Supplementary protection for prefabricated windows through the use of motion detectors inside the transport container for monitoring during transport.

Sicherung für vorgefertigter Fenster innerhalb der Transportbox

We are experts in the planning, production, and installation of complex facades.



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