A facade mock-up is a 1:1 model of a planned glass facade or building shell. It is a prototype in which you can experience form, function, color, and materiality. A prototype serves as a visual and tactile check of all quality parameters and gives a detailed preview of how the project will be carried out. Design and performance are tested under real conditions. This allows the clients to make requests for changes to the final production and installation. The mock-up can also be used to assess and evaluate the impression it makes on the viewer.
An alternative to the realistic facade mock-up is the digital 3D mock-up. The volume models are brought together on the computer using parametric planning and explored as a digital facade mock-up. This eliminates the prototyping phase. However, the digital 3D mock-up cannot replace a visual and tactile impression. The facade mock-up is an essential component of facade consultancy and the development of sample facades.

Gegenüberstellung von der parametrischen Planung und dem Mock-up einer Structural Point Fassade

Left: Parametric design plan of a structural point facade for a facade mock-up. Right: Mock-up for the presentation of a structural point facade with a vertical glass fin as supporting structure.

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